Thursday, May 26, 2016

School Break Homework

UPDATED 5/6/16

woah hi guys!

as you know the june holidays-but-not-really-holidays are coming up!

here is the list for the work that you have to do lol
  1. SS Past Year Papers
  2. Math Practice Papers
  3. Project Beta (abandon Omega if you have started :c)
  4. Hereditary 15B
  5. Bio SPA SKILL 3
  6. Biology Notes 
  7. Biology Topical TYS
  8. Biology E-Learning
  9. Chemistry SPA SKILL 3 (2)
  10. Organic Chemistry (Google Classroom)
  11. History SEQs
  12. Practice using online resources for MTL OLVL ORAL
  13. Find a prom date
  14. Panic for O Levels
have fun kids

max oh
class secretary 

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