Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Sequoia Tree and Wednesday (3 Feb) Morning Assembly to be conducted at ISH

Hello All, 

Take note tomorrow's morning assembly will be at the ISH: The SC/PSB election rally will be conducted after the singing of National Anthem and reciting of National Pledge.

I shared a few weeks ago about the majestic Sequoia Tree, found in California, USA. 

An excerpt from Wiki is as follows: 
Giant sequoias are in many ways adapted to forest fires. Their bark is unusually fire resistant, and their cones will normally open immediately after a fire.[6] The giant sequoias are having difficulty reproducing in their original habitat (and very rarely reproduce in cultivation) due to the seeds only being able to grow successfully in full sun and in mineral-rich soils, free from competing vegetation. 

Another quality of the Sequoia trees:  The sequoias have a matting, shallow, and wide spreading root system.

I hope we, S4-04, can draw similar lessons from the qualities of the Sequoia trees: able to withstand heat (see: pressure, no MCs!) and matting (interlocking arms to stay strong when the going gets tough, helping each other).

Do schedule in your activities: e.g. if you have 5 assignments, try to schedule a block of time to complete them. Also fit in enriching activities: time with family, exercise (while listening to an audiobook), etc... 

Happy Chinese New Year! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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