Monday, January 04, 2016

Mon, 4 Jan: Notes and thoughts during FT Time

Hello All, 

Here are the brief points that I had mentioned today. Thanks, Shi Qiang, for assisting to take down notes.

- Remember your retest dates.
- The class whatsapp group chat has been started. I requested for messaging to stop by 8:00pm, unless there are matters of urgency (e.g. if you are on mc or emergency, state the reason and put it up on the chat group (24hr). If it is sensitive, message me and Ms. Zhao directly. 
Reason for 8:00pm cutoff: There are better things to do than look at whatsapp messages. Really.

- In Sec 4, do reflect and take stock on your journey in life thus far. It is through reflection that we can better plan our future. Help each other out during the ups and downs.
- Bring your LD everyday (subject reps may ask subject teachers to ask the student to bring LD on the previous day).
- Sit in index number for attendance taking during assembly. It helps.
- Your Sec 4 topics will be covered very quickly, therefore make good use of your time, be involved in activities that will allow you to gain experience / give back to society / meaningful. 
- You will be standing down from your CCAs by Term 2 (unless there are special circumstances, e.g. performances).

- Please ask your parents to i) check your personal particulars at SDM, ii) fill up the form with parent's signature, and iii) submit the form latest by Wednesday, 6 Jan morning. PSB: Your forms are with Kellie. 
- I will pass out the Acceptable Use Policy for use of your Learning Device tomorrow. Kindly have it signed and returned by the same date Wed, 6 Jan).

- Thanks, everyone, for an eventful first day. Special mention to Max and Kellie & PSB! 
- Tiara and Oliver have been voted as Chairperson and Vice Chairperson respectively. Do support them and be involved as a class. If you would like a change of your role as subject rep, committee, do inform us by assembly tomorrow. If there are no takers for a role, it will be assigned. Please see the role as an opportunity to learn, gain experience (rather than a chore). Your experience may be used in future. 
- Help each other out, even the teachers. You never know what kind of magic happens when you help someone else.

We will go through our S4-04 Code of Conduct soon: It aims to be a set of values for our class to follow. Do share with Tiara and Oliver about the Code for our class. I also want our classroom decoration to be aligned to the Code. We will go discuss this again later this week. Tiara & Oliver: Please prepare a duty roster for the basic duties 

- View this link for more information about JC / Poly / other institutions Open House. 
- Things to take note: What are the unique points of the school, what are some signature programs / CCA that other students would be interested to know about? Please share your experiences on the google form that I will email out to you. It is to your benefit that you visit the institution which the course you are interested in.  

- Mrs. Chan's story of the pencil: Besides the qualities that she stated, you are all unique colour pencils and it takes all of you to complete the picture.

- My story of the fishball seller: Take pride in what you do and do the things that matter well. 
Do not think of the elderly as weak, for their spirit has been forged through harder situations. Be thankful to them, for what we have now is because of them. If we cannot pay back their favor, let us pay it forward. 

- Your future is bright: Live a life that not only you will remember, but others will remember as well.

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